The Oscars/Black History Month

A new set of Oscars will be going home with the winning nominees on February 22nd, 2015.  Who are you hoping will be selected?

Did you know that February is also Black History Month?

This is a great time to educate your kids about black history month by taking them to see Selma, which has been nominated for Best Picture and Best Original Song.  This movie depicts a time of civic upheaval in our more recent history and equality of human rights and civic responsibility.  Martin Luther King Jr. Day has just passed, but it is still valid to educate and celebrate his role in our history.

Have A Party!  Whether you choose to celebrate the Oscars or Black History or both (my favorite), plan a party.  Make it a fundraiser to create a special section in your local library.  Raise enough money for new computers for searching online and accessing information about Black history.

Step and Repeat LA can provide you with the perfect banner or media wall that will be the perfect place to have media interviews and a photo shoot.  You will want to have your media wall or banner properly positioned to create a professional display.

And for fun.. have celebrity stand-ups there for fun photos!

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Build a Better Trade Show Image Week

Yes, there really is a week dedicated to this.  And we think there should be.

The week of February 15th through the 21st is Build a Better Trade Show Image week.  Step and Repeat LA has won awards for their displays and booths for trade shows.  This is the perfect time to bring the quality of your image up to the next higher standard.  We would love for you check out our booth and display on Facebook or visit us on our website at We can help you design and create a fantastic display for your business by using our top quality materials and workmanship and skills.  Contact us today!

National Laugh-Friendly Month

That’s right!

February is officially National Laugh-Friendly month.  Just announcing this makes me giggle.  What a great idea!

This is the month to share your favorite friendly jokes.  These would include children’s knock-knock jokes and riddle jokes.  You can include puns and poetry, as well.

How about books that make you laugh?  This would be a great time to visit your kid’s school and have some interactive fun.  Start by reading a book that’s funny.  Then ask for jokes they might know and want to share.  Teaching children to make jokes is a great way to get their imaginations going.  Getting them to understand that they, too, can make a joke or tell a funny story will help them feel more confident in using their language skills.  Getting someone to laugh, grin, or giggle can bring joy to all.  After all, children learn from an early age that making people laugh and smile is a good thing.

Have a special fundraiser to help bring love and laughter to those who need it.  Children in hospitals could use a funny book drive or some good old fashioned entertainment to keep their spirits up.  Help raise funds to donate books and special activities.  Help provide costumes and toys.

Make sure to order your step and repeat banner or media wall to interview the children and special guest speakers along with the celebrities who will want to participate in this activity.

A media blitz and photo opportunity will reach the local talk and news coverage and you will want the perfect place to do these interviews.

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It’s not too late!

Library Lovers Month

When was the last time you or your family visited your local library?

Did you know that libraries have special events scheduled every month?  These events offer valuable insights into local artists or community activities. Sometimes you can meet a local celebrity who does special readings for your kids. Have you ever been to a special celebration of Easter, Valentines Day, or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

Your local librarians stay in touch with the community so that they can provide interesting books, and fun festivities that will entertain and educate you and your family and friends.

Having someone local who is knowledgeable about where to find what you are especially interested in can help make a difference in a person’s life.

Are your children just learning to read? Libraries specialize in providing special reading times for kids and sometimes parties and other fun activities to get kids interested in reading and interacting.

Libraries also need our help in raising funds to help them improve what they can provide to your community. Get together with your local businesses, churches, social clubs to put on an event! Have a grand party! Maybe a special fair or competition.

Get your party props and make sure you order your step and repeat media wall or banner! If you really want to add that extra glitz, get the red carpet stanchions and lighting. You may think you don’t need those but believe me, your local celebrities and politicians will love being captured on “The Red Carpet” for media interviews that are sure to happen when a fundraiser of this kind happens!

It’s not too late to get something together for February.  We can help!

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International Expect Success Month

February is a motivational month!

It is not only International Expect Success month, but it is also Boost Self-Esteem Month!

This is a great time to plan events that will show off your great skills and products. Your fabulous business venues should be highlighted, showing off the qualities that make you and your company stand out.

It’s a great time to host a fundraiser with an ‘expect success’ theme.

We can help you put together a great step and repeat banner or media wall, red carpet, stanchions, and lighting package to add that special glitz and glamour to your celebration!

How about some celebrity stand-ups for those exciting photo sessions? Having the best props and party decor can give your message some added pop and pizzazz.

Having awards to present along with a fabulous getaway prize and possibly a dinner for two would set things off nicely. How about a silent auction?

Step and Repeat LA can help you.

It’s not too late!

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National Weddings Month

February is National Weddings Month.

National Weddings Month makes me think of Destination Wedding. Did you know that you can take a step and repeat banner or media wall with you to whatever destination you are planning to have your wedding?

Step and Repeat LA can help you design the perfect backdrop to highlight your wedding party and your special guests. There is no reason to think that you cannot make your destination wedding with the glitz and glamor that will make it an event to remember.

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No Interruptions

So here we are again, with my latest installment of “special days.”  This time I’ve got a fun one for you.  Somehow this day seemed very special and apropos.  Did you know that December 31st is No Interruptions Day?  Now if you’re going to have a day that is No Interruptions Day, that seems like the perfect day to have it.  I mean, there you are getting ready for your New Year’s celebration – you’ve got a few last things to get done for the year and no interruption is exactly what you need to wrap it up, get it done, and go party.  What makes this such a fun day is if anyone gets in the way of you getting done the things that you want to get done, you can tell them, “Sorry, this is No Interruptions Day… let’s get it done, and then party.

Two Special Days

Here are two special days that happen on the same day and go great together, kind of like that peanut butter and chocolate idea:  December 31st is “Look on the Bright Side” day and it is also “Make Up Your Mind” day.  

If you’re getting ready to make up your mind about something, it just fits that you would want to look on the bright side first.  So the fact that these two days come together at the same moment, to help you look on the bright side while you make up your mind, is just perfect.  

And this leads you right into the perfect New Year’s resolutions:  You’ve looked on the bright side, you’ve made up your mind, and you can make the best New Year’s resolutions ever.  One of those New Year’s resolutions should be a fabulous party with a great step and repeat banner and back drop.

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‘Pay it Forward’ for Santa

This is a brilliant idea!

‘Pay it forward.’  An idea born out of a heart- wrenching movie starring Helen Hunt, Kevin Spacey and a wonderful new actor, Haley Joel Osment.

The movie is about a social studies teacher and the special assignment that he gives his students.  The assignment was to come up with an original idea that could make the world better.  Really make it better.  Something that each student could do himself.  Our young star came up with the ‘pay it forward’ concept.

He would begin with himself by doing one selfless kind act to help his fellow man.  He does this kind act and tells the man that he must now pay the kindness forward, for no recompense or exchange.  He then tells that person to pay it forward, asking him to help someone else and having that new person pay it forward.  A newspaper reporter gets involved in the story and decides to sensationalize what this young person has started, by following the trail of do-gooders and seeing what transpires.  The ending is sad – yet inspirational.

The idea is awesome!

Help Santa out this year by ‘paying it forward’ to someone whom you can help, and ask them to pay it forward for Santa!  With the economy the way it is and with money scarce in times and places, it’s a good time to donate your special time or services to someone, just for the sake of that person.  Asking someone to do a kindness or donate a gift in this holiday season will go far in promoting good will and genuine care for our fellow man.

Never let it be said that we are so wrapped up in our own private lives that we can’t take time to look around.

If you just decide that you will discover someone to help, you will be surprised how quickly and magically the right person, someone who needs your special skills, talents or gifts, will appear.  It doesn’t have to be a stranger.  It doesn’t have to be a friend.  If you stay open to the idea… who knows?

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Fa La La La La.. La La.. La.. La

Fa la la la la..  la la..  la la!

So, this is Christmas…

The season has begun and there is music everywhere!  All of your favorite songs are being played.  A new take on your old favorites has been produced by some of your favorite singers!

The bells are jingling and the sleighs are swooshing thru the snow!

Christmas carols tickle our ears and remind us of days gone by.  Happy childhood memories intermingle with times that were not so good.  It is amazing the power these songs have on us.  They are like alarm clocks announcing to one and all that it’s Christmas!  Time to put up our wreathes and decorate our trees! Time for gift giving and gift shopping.

Everywhere you go – the mall or the grocery store – you hear the sounds of sleigh bells and jolly tunes that we go to bed humming to ourselves.

This year, do something different!

Have a Christmas carol contest!

Get some of our creative artists and musicians to come up with new jingles to tempt us into dancing and singing along.

Put the announcement out on Facebook!  Have people sing or play their original songs and record them for submission.

Offer prizes and money for the best songs!

Give the contestants a time frame to get the songs in.  Make sure you announce a website they can send their entries to.  Then, have voting done to pick the best songs.

You could have different categories, such as best funny song, best choral song, best children’s song, and most beautiful song.

There isn’t a lot of time but that’s what makes this even more exciting!  Their award winning song will be posted on You Tube and Facebook.  Have special online radio hosts interview the winners and play the winning song!

Help get some new grooves to tune into for this holiday season!

Give us a call to order your special media wall, banner or backdrop!  We can help you with special red carpet, stanchion and lighting to help make your party or event sparkle!

Happy holidays from Step and Repeat LA!

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